Our principle services

• Accounting assistance
• Statutory financial statements
• Management reporting
• VAT compliance
• Payroll and Expat services
• Corporation tax compliance Statutory financial statements VAT compliance Accounting assistance


Our dedicated team has a combined 70years of experience. Together with our partners, an extensive network of legal and tax advisor’s, notaries and auditors, all of whom experts in their own respective fields, we strive to add value to the business of our clients.

McShaw & Partners Accountancy

McShaw & Partners is THE service provider for international clients seeking administrative support for their operations in The Netherlands. We offer a full range of administrative services to operating Dutch branch offices of large multinational companies, for sales purposes but also with local production facilities.

Ron Schouw

Founder and Sales Director

Jasper van Kessel

Founder and Senior manager

Jessica Crooijmans

Office manager

Corry Hulsbosch

Senior payroll / HRM manager

Our solutions

We use Exact online and have an XBRL/SBR proof portal which has been developed to facilitate a safe communication between McShaw International Business Support and its clients.

XBRL/SBR are standards for data exchange that have been developed for the safe online exchange of financial data and reports.

For example, you can quickly and easily submit your annual (statutory) financial statements to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce online. This new procedure will save time and unnecessary paperwork.

Moreover, with Exact Online, access to your financial overviews and documents can be achieved quickly and easily.

Annual (statutory) financial statements, interim financial figures, filed documents, tax returns, contracts and other documents of permanent value can be conveniently organised per financial year.

In conclusion

This leaflet does not aim to provide exhaustive information, but rather to offer a concise overview of the most common and crucial financial administrative issues. The requirements applicable to an entity depend on various factors.

Each specific situation demands advice appropriate to the circumstances. McShaw International Business Support operates in a large area of financial business reporting and advisory services.

Your McShaw contact person is always pleased to assist you and will put the knowledge, experience and extensive network of our organisation at your disposal.

Please contact us to receive more information about McShaw International Business Support and the assistance our professionals can provide. Info@mcshaw.eu / +31 20 616 10 32

The information contained herein is of a general nature and is not intended to address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. Although we endeavour to provide accurate and timely information, there can be no guarantee that such information is accurate as of the date it is received or that it will continue to be accurate in the future. No one should act on such information without appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of the particular situation.

McShaw & partners Accountancy dedicated professionals using advanced and reliable technology to deliver customer value and enable compliance with Dutch rules and regulations to its business partners. Through a ‘one-stop-shop’- concept, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.

McShaw Payroll services

It seems so simple: every payment period employees receive an accurate payslip and the corresponding salary. Unfortunately, often it appears not to be that simple at all.

In the daily practice it takes a lot of effort and energy to ensure accurate payroll accounting.

When expatriates are employed, the questions that arise due to specific regulations, are even more complicated. McShaw payroll services has specialists available who will be happy to take care of the company’s payroll accounting.

We can ensure correct accounts and user-friendly services. This guarantees an updated knowledge regarding legal, tax and regulatory requirements, continuity regarding payroll services and reduces the dependency on individual staff members within the company.

We use an payroll package to ensure that company’s payroll processing system is set up in line with your requirements. Moreover, it is possible to use the HRM module included in our system. Monthly activities McShaw performs an input check and a legal and regulatory compliance check on your data entries, consults with you on the outcomes, and rectifies any incorrect data.

Or McShaw & Partners Accountancy enters the data you provide, performs an input check and a legal and regulatory compliance check, consults with you on the outcomes, and rectifies any incorrect data.

• Preparing salary specifications, one copy of which can be submitted in an envelope.
• Submitting a payment summary.
• Preparing a payroll journal entry, if necessary formatted in accordance with a specific chart of accounts.
• Preparing an XML file for wage tax and national insurance contributions return
• Completing electronic wage tax and national insurance contributions return
• Performing a final check on the output Annual activities
• Annually maintaining and updating files and tables in our payroll accounting system.
• Preparation of employees’ annual wage statements
• Preparation of the payroll register summary
• Handling transition to the new year Additional services (not exhaustive)
• Applying for 30% ruling, work/residence permits
• Helpdesk regarding wage tax, labour law, social security law, grants and pensions, HR matters
• Pro forma calculations
• Handling transition to the new year
• Registering staff with pension fund and completion of required summaries
• Budgeting payroll costs
• Lodging appeals against wage tax and national insurance contributions assessments

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